How to Choose the Right Life Insurance Policy Type:

 How to Choose the Right Life Insurance Policy Type: 
With all of the life insurance options available, it may seem complicated to choose the right one. Start by deciding between term life and permanent life insurance. Consider a term life insurance policy if you need life insurance for a specific amount of time. For instance, if you want insurance to cover your working years as possible “income replacement” if you were no longer around.

Term life insurance is also a good choice if your budget is limited. Since term life insurance provides protection for a specific amount of time and is not a cash value life insurance policy, the rates will be lower than permanent life insurance. As you enter different stages of life, your life insurance needs may change. Many term life insurance policies are convertible to permanent policies. The options will depend on your policy and insurer. Term life conversion allows you to switch to a permanent policy without re-applying or taking a life insurance medical exam.

On the other hand, a permanent life insurance policy will last for the duration of your life. If building cash value is important to you, look at permanent life insurance options. But suppose you’re purchasing a permanent policy only to capitalize on the cash value accumulation, depending on the policy. In that case, you’re better off putting your money into a savings or investment vehicle, so you’re not paying for the life insurance and charges within a permanent policy.

And cash value isn’t typically intended for beneficiaries. Upon death, any cash value generally reverts back to the life insurance company. Your beneficiaries get the policy’s death benefit, not the death benefit plus cash value. Some policy types will offer the death benefit plus cash value, but for a higher price.

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