Typically the road to making our dreams come true or pleasing our purpose on earth is most often not a straightforward one. At this time there are some humps or curves that we ran into before reaching our destination. And then for fashion designer Viva Aderko of VAAD by Viva, this is a situation the woman is well common with because your ex journey into the fashion industry is the one which happened quite accidentally. Nine years ago, Viva was a busy women, trying to build a career in banking, until what she are now able to express as a fortuitous meeting with a young man modified the span of her life.

Typically the young man possessed been desperate; someone had brought him or her into Ghana from one of the African countries to function in their fashion shop as a tailor. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and he was kept stranded. If he / she met Viva, he / she not only called for support, he also made an interesting proposal that the woman wouldn’t have considered on her own; he asked your ex to open a fashion shop which he would operate. “I would say this was a divine circumstance because Really dont think My spouse and i would have at any time gotten into fashion on my own. Before I found him, I possessed been in bank for two years and was working my way into it, I was not thinking of whatever at all. Come on, man I wish to look nice, I wish to liven up but I never thought about planning into fashion until he made that proposal, ” the woman told Graphic Showbiz in a recent chat.

A design by VAAD by Viva

After analyzing her options, Viva thought we would take that chance and exposed the shop so the child would sew and in addition they would sell. She still kept at your ex banking job, maybe to play it safe but over the line, she thought we would get more knowledge about the complete process. “I told me that there was not a way I could any fashion shop instead of have any idea about what travelled into it so I decided to join a fashion school. I bought a tutor from the Joyce Ababio fashion school to offer us lessons because My spouse and i was still working and didn’t have time to get into a conventional fashion school.

“That arrangement worked for me because I additionally needed to come back to the shop to see to the jogging of things because the personnel possessed started misbehaving, ” she explained. Typically the tutor taught your ex in his free time and yes it must have really recently been God moving your ex in that route because within several to four many months she had picked out up much. The woman also learnt on the internet and then on the job. After doing a blend of conventional work and running the business for some time, Viva decided to take the business more seriously and took a bend from banking in 2018.

“I was comfortable sewing for a couple of friends including those abroad and other folks but my friends encouraged me to take it more seriously. I did not even have a business name so somewhere over the brand I got my local friends to help us with a name and VAAD was born, ” the woman disclosed. Today, Viva, who is primarily based at Community 6 in Tema is performing great; she at the moment has six personnel including three technological staff, a director and a digital marketing person. “It’s been good, Im not where My spouse and i want to be but when My spouse and i check out where My spouse and i am i know how far I have come. ”

VAAD by Viva refers to mainly female clothes; everyday wear, Willing to Wear, corporate dress and branched into bridal wear a year ago. Her clients are varied and Viva disclosed that the lady gets about 70 per cent of them from sociable media. Speaking on where she becomes inspiration on her designs she said, “Inspiration comes from just about everywhere; what someone has been doing, tea leaf patterns etc, everything you come across can be inspiration. ”Sharing her ideas on the fashion industry at the moment, the Chartered Banker said it is doing well.

“The industry has become very attractive unlike in previous years. In the past, people found those involved in fashion as those who didn’t make good grades or were dropouts. “But today, you have graduates engaging in the fashion industry, there are people from all sectors, are usually, lawyers, bankers all engaging in it and this has shown in the most notable level designs we crank out. Now, I am sure we can compete with some of the best brands internationally, ” the lady stated. One of the greatest problems Viva faces in her craft now is accessing quality fabrics. “I have trouble with getting the type of fabric I want, especially for my Prepared To Wear things. There are a lot of unique stuff and we don’t have the variety we want.

“Ideally, I should be able to travel and get more beautiful fabrics but unfortunately, I seldom have the helpful that so it may be more like I actually am settling. On the other hand, for the bridals, we get some quality fabrics source by china maker, India, Dubai and others so that’s good, ” she said. Viva, who is married and has one child, obtained her first Diploma in Psychology at the University of Ghana and also her Master’s diploma in Industrial Mindset from Walden University or college. She is also a chartered bank. She credits the woman husband for stimulating her to help make the move into the fashion industry and supporting with her work. “It’s not easy owning a home and an enterprise but God blessed myself with an angel. He is understanding and is even associated with my work. He supervises the staff and handles my social mass media makes up about me so I’ve been very fortunate. ”

About where she recognizes herself in the next few years, she said the lady wants to get as large as can be. “I want to be able to get around rather than even Pistis happens to be doing, I want my name and VAAD by Viva to look global and I actually am ready to work towards that, ” she said. She encouraged anyone enthusiastic about taking upwards any venture not to be worried. “There is no better time to start out than now; start with the tiny that you have, When I actually began I got only a palm machine because My spouse and i didn’t have the space and resources. “You must also have a love for whatever you happen to be doing and quite a few notably, don’t go into it without knowing everything with it. That is so important because when your personnel misbehave you would be able to take control.

“If it’s fashion you want to do, then take yourself through a fashion school so you can learn everything regarding it, ” she said.

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