Substantial Court erred in law - Kumasi Club chairman speaks decision


The Leader of the Kumasi Club, Richard Kwadwo Owusu Nyarko, has appealed the wisdom of the Kumasi High Court that threw out his defamation suit against six members of the club. Is it doesn't case of Mister Nyarko that the choice of the Kumasi High Court was against the “weight of evidence” adduced in the trial and must therefore be schedule. On March 2, 2022, the Kumasi High Court docket, presided over by Justice George Krofa Addae, dismissed the defamation suit and also awarded cost of GH¢600, 1000 against Mr Nyarko.

According to the court, Mister Nyarko did not establish any circumstance of defamation up against the six. However, in the appeal at the Court of Appeal in Kumasi, Mr Nyarko said having been not satisfied with benefit Court’s decision and was, therefore, urging the second highest court docket of the land to overturn the complete decision of gain Court in his favor. He has filled three coffee grounds of appeal with the first being the judgment of the High Court docket was against the weight of data.

Also, they are of the view that the High Court docket “erred in rules and the face of the vestibule when it organized that the behavior of the defendants would not constitute defamation. ”His other ground is that the cost honored against him in preference of the defendant was “excessive”.

On, may 26, 2020, Mister Nyarko dragged the six members to the Kumasi Substantial Court for defamation. He accused the six of pouring insults on him or her on the club’s official WhatsApp program by calling him or her a “fake medical professional, quack, dishonest, criminal”.

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