Ex - National Communication Home of the Fresh Patriotic Party, Mister. Yaw Adomako Baafi has taken a swipe at ex - President John Dramani Mahama for revealing President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo to the Hungarian adviser to Ghana over corruption allegations. He / she claims the ex - president should not have the temerity to even express president Akufo Addo as corrupt. Communicating on Okay FM's Ade Akye Abia programme, Adomako Baafi wondered why the previous President will plan to report the president to the Hungarian rep when he (John Dramani Mahama) is surely an agreement of corruption.

"Look at a cooking pot calling a pot black, your operations was full of various scandals and corrupt charges against you and your ministers yet you want to spell out someone who through the world's pandemic has been able to hold the state along and received the world's accolade for that".

"... in the midst of all these troubles, the President has been able to provide enough for the state. From providing enough COVID nineteen vaccines to providing health infrastructure and helping revive the economy which will have completely de-activate if the country was going to go through these entrée under your watch. You took the country to IMF where there was obviously a stop on everything including employment due to your poor management of the financial system plus your unpopular insurance policies that almost broken the economy".

He maintained that though the President needed over from a 'failed' administration of President Mahama, he / she was competent to put the economy rear on track with the cedi rivalling fairly with the dollar until COVID 19 struct the world's economy driving so many foreign currencies to depreciate including the Ghanaian cedi. "That notwithstanding, the president through his well-thinking ministers has been able to bring back the economy with so many developmental tasks taking place with the cedi progressively gaining stability and more unemployed graduates used in the public field.

I am going to wish that the previous Leader John Dramani Mahama doesn't discuss data corruption again or even decide to record any other leader to the international body or corporation because he does not have any moral right to even do so", he added.

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