Reprimand Lawyers Who Scandalise The Courts About Social Media - AG Tells CJ


Godfred Yeboah Déesse, Attorney General and Minister of Rights, is advocating for legal representatives who harm the courts and judges on cultural media when decision do not go in their favor, especially with profit profile political circumstances to be reprimanded. According to him or her, such conduct by members of the Bar and the vicious comments are plainly wrong. They said, the perpetrators of such serves do not relent in seeking to push a certain narrative down the throat of the unsuspecting public.

Communicating at the table, bar and institution conference in Accra on Thursday The spring 21, the AG stated, “My God Chief Justice, one could have thought that legal representatives would have taken benefit of the digital innovation, which I have discussed this morning hours, to consolidate the value of this legal profession and its role in the affairs of the state.

“On the contrary, recent developments disclose methodical attempts by certain lawyers, often held by a area of the personal divide to set up social media to denigrate the government of justice through poisoning and caustic attacks on conclusions of the process of law, become it unjustified. This is worsened in commentary on apparent political cases where some legal representatives see the results to have far-reaching consequences for the objectives of political parties they sympathize with. ”

He added, “faced with adverse rulings, some legal representatives see a rather farcical magnitude of actually promoting for the abolishing or scrapping our courts. “The most deplorable thing about such endeavor is that frequently their vicious comments are plainly wrong yet the propagators of the wrong and dangerous ideas do not relent in their efforts to force them down the throat of naïve public. “Such abject practice for some legal representatives further becomes an inducement to folks which are not members of the legal profession to launch even more savage and not logical attacks on the judiciary.

“This perform is evidently despicable as it offers the ultimate tendency to destroy the sincerity of institutions of justice delivery in Ghana. Such performs should cause calamite inflicted on the legal representatives in question. ”

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