Ministry Receives Survey On Bulgarian Charge Land Case


Typically the Deputy Minister for Lands and Healthy Resources in charge of République and Forestry, Hon. Benito Owusu-Bio has brought on part of the Market Minister, reports on Terms of Referrals 1 and 2 from the Exclusive Inquirer, who was tasked to review the circumstances surrounding the actual ownership of some parcel of land in dispute amongst the Bulgarian Embassy and a private builder.

Upon acquiring the report, Hon. Benito expressed his unique gratitude to the Sole Inquirer declaring that the Ministry together with the Lands Commission and other stakeholders engaged in the land case would study the reports provided create available the contents in owing course. He expected that per the help of the Sole Inquirer, the findings of the reports provided will indeed be a great asset which will guide is important to do with Bulgarian Embassy Territory Case.

In a brief background to the reports received, the Deputy Minister)spelt the actual Terminology of Reference of the Sole Inquirer, adding that as a result of urgency of the challenge relating to the Bulgarian Embassy, the Minister gave the Sole Inquirer an ultimatum of several (7) days to present a Survey in the Terminology of Reference (1) and (2), however, due to the voluminous nature of the project, he said the only Inquirer sought for the off shoot which was approved by the Market Minister for the right scrutiny into the case.

Hon. Benito claims the Exclusive inquirer keeps having some grace period out and about of the one (1) month given him to present a full Survey on Terms of Reference (3) to (5). He also assured the people that the tips obtained in the report would be considered by the Ministry and appropriate directives issued for further implementation. Throughout the part, the Sole Inquirer, Rights Retired Kwasi Anto Ofori-Atta said with the support of the Ministry and Lands Commission, he / she commenced his examinative work on twenty-first March 2022 with letters sent out and about to several entities and professional bodies engaged in the circumstance to source information which will support his investigative work.

He added that in reply to these letters, 13 witnesses seemed to testify on the truth and some possessed to be were recalled for re-examination, done in an effort to arrive at the really truth on the truth. He said every his Terms of Reference, the current reports present studies and tips for the Terms of Reference (1) and (2 )which he / she hoped will advise the Ministry’s decision making on the case.

Justice Patterns are released Ofori-Atta, a patterns are released Justice of gain Court and a single time Leader of the Ashanti Regional Lands Payment in the submissions also expressed his gratitude to Federal and the Minister for the self-assurance reposed in him or her and called for ongoing support to supply records on the other 3 words of references. The Exclusive Inquirer was inaugurated on Friday eighteenth March 2022 to investigate the circumstances surrounding the true ownership of some parcel of land in dispute between the Bulgarian Charge and a private developer with words of reference as follows;

1 ) Tackle a full and impartial inquiry in the alleged encroachment and demolishing of property on the land being used as the Bulgarian Charge,

2. Make appropriate tips pertaining to the land getting used as the Bulgarian Impose

3. Inquire in the nature of interest in just about any land presented or occupied by Diplomatic Missions in Ghana

4. Inquire into any matter pertaining to land in which Diplomatic Missions in Ghana have an interest whatsoever

5. Produce tips to Federal.

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