Gridlock on Motorway as gas tanker overtrurns


Motorists and individuals using the Paura Motorway on Wed, April 28, a new torrid time traversing the 19km road following an accident involving a loaded LPG natural gas tanker. The tanker with registration variety GN 4513 - 21, had downed off the path in the median line and landed on its side near to the Coca Cola Bottling Company area a little after night time, worsening the normal buzz hour traffic on both sides of the Motorway.

Typically the driving force and his mate maintained minor injuries. Typically the Urban Search and Rescue team of personnel from the Ghana National Hearth Service (Motorway Hearth Station) who possessed taken care of immediately distress cell phone calls and arrived on the scene at about 1: 30am, nearly spent your entire day involved in rescue activities at the scene of the accident.

As soon as Graphic Online arrived after 1pm, the firemen had were able to extricate the frame from the aquarium body and been seen in spraying the aquarium with water in attempts to cool the temperature of the gas as they evacuated it into a tanker that had recently been brought in and for the goal, while a husband and wife of cops were also seen leading traffic that possessed piled up into a single isle, particularly on the Accra - Paura stretch.

Station Expert II, Samuel Nartey of the Freeway Fire Station who led the team of firemen, advised Graphic Online that when their birth and assessment of your situation, they came to the realization that the tanker was stuffed with LPG, and so the team proceeded to install safety safeguards, including cordoning off of the area, charging their hoses in openness for any hearth eventuality, as well as priming their fire extinguishers. Typically the team then expected for another tanker to be unveiled to evacuate the gas, however the tanker that was introduced had an electric pump which could not be used, until another tanker was dispatched in around 5am.

The driver, one Mr. Amoah, advised the Fire Program a cargo pick up truck had crossed him or her whilst it was drizzling shortly afterwards midnight, and as he swerved to avoid reaching the cargo pick up truck, the tanker stumbled in the typical. He said the driving force of the cargo pick up truck only slowed way up after the automobile accident but continued his journey without ceasing. As when causing the scene, the gas evacuation exercise was still regular and was vulnerable to hamper the nighttime rush hour traffic.

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