Conflict Against E-Levy Faraway from Over - Okudzeto Ablakwa


Minority Agent for Foreign Extramarital affairs and Member of Parliament(MP) for To the north Tongu constituency, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, has served notice to members of the majority and govt that the conflict on the verse of the E-levy bill is not over yet. They claims the fraction does not see the bill as passed. Speaking on Okay FM's 'Ade Akye Abia' system, Hon Ablakwa indicated out that for several months, the minority have was standing by Ghanaians in fiercely resisting the e-levy amidst "government's desperation to can charge the most unpopular tax policy of the Fourth Republic" by hook or crook.

"It is blatant lie that some members of the majority are arguing we would not add upwards as minority in the House. Generally there were all our members present even when they planned to take some away for a system far in the North. "It is they the the greater part rather that would not have the ability to their Members of Legislative house present in the property during the verse of the invoice. Sarah Adwoa Safo as at now has not went back to the country and the other Member of Legislative house who was produced in by an ambulance has not been even present in the chamber, " they said.

The To the north Tongu MP further accused government of "insensitive" for reducing the safety and welfare of a sick member for political expediency. "If anyone doubted the stubborn insensitivity of this government, just look at the extent they gone to violating the dignity of their own extremely sick and tired colleague MP by dragging him to the precincts of Parliament in a mat. That is not a remarkable political approach, it is heartless politics without view for human life. Politics must not be this unpleasant and barbaric. inches

"We can promise the people of Ghana that the war against the E-Levy isn’t over and were not about to surrender. Indeed, we are only warming upwards. This is the battle of our lives, " they added.

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