The particular Vice President, Doctor. Mahamudu Bawumia has made a individual appeal to Africans to spread away their doors to Afro-descendants and link with the Africa Diaspora. Speaking at a High Degree Diaspora Forum structured by the BEVÖLKERUNGSFOND DER VEREINTEN NATIONEN in Accra on Friday, April twenty two, Dr. Bawumia pressured on the indestructible link between The African continent and its rejection, their potential efforts to the development of photography equipment, and the need to always open up doors for them returning to their origins.

"Afro-descendants are Africans, wherever they come from. So long as you are a Blackman or black woman, you are an Africa regardless of your nationality" Dr. Bawumia said, adding that to emphasize the representative relevance of Afro-descendants to The African continent on a global scale, the Africa Union has used a choice to identify and regard Africans in the Diaspora as the “sixth region” of The African continent. "To this finish, people of Africa Descent living away from continent irrespective of their citizenship and nationality and who are willing to contribute to the progress the region and the building of the Africa Union from the 6th Region of Africa - Northern, West, East, Main, South and the Diaspora. "

"I urge all Africans to embrace people of African ancestry, because we are one people by blood, " Basses President Bawumia advised. While asking Africans to extend food to their siblings in the Diaspora, Doctor Bawumia outlined deep-seated racial splendor Afro-descendants continue to face in their respective countries of birth, and recommended initiatives by strong Diasporas, who withstand and speak away against such discriminations. "By virtue of the very cheered and multi-layered background involving slavery, colonialism, fleeing from oppressive conditions, our ancestors and forefathers were forced away of the motherland. Their descendants, a few of whom have came back today have developed into a heterogeneous, albeit recognizable, team of individuals with a distinctive cultural history and heritage. "

"The very context for their existence has exposed this team of Africans to being intimately familiar with the effects of racism, racial splendor, xenophobia and related intolerance. People of African descent have a story only they can inform and really should not be side-lined in conversations on the development of the safety of rights and demanding for collateral. " "These deep-seated biases still dominate in the world we live in, with Afro-descendants having difficulties to find a sense of that belong in a land where they were born, but which rejects them at every turn. Make sure you join me when i salute every single Afro-descendant who bravely challenges the order during by continuing to withstand all types of ethnic discrimination. inch

Doctor. Bawumia noted that as a homage to the "hard work and endless efforts" of these who speak in order to let the voices of individuals of African ancestry be heard, the entire world has seen a proliferation of several racial equality body on a nationwide and regional degree, which he said "have guided the United Nation’s Operating Number of Experts on People of Africa Descent to perform its mandate of studying the issues of individuals of African ancestry and proposing the solutions to this complex narrative. inch "Such solutions have included the commemoration of the 1st International Day for People of Africa Descent which required place on the 31st of Aug 2021 in San José, Costa Sana. We are proud to say that Ghana was well-represented at this historical event. "

Dr. Bawumia grabbed the chance to emphasize to the discussion board, the role Ghana has played to promote relationship between Africa and Africans in the Diaspora. "In 2019, the Government of Ghana set up an initiative for Africans residing in the diaspora dubbed the “Year of Return” that brought the global African family to the continent through Ghana as a gateway, " the Vp noted. "Subsequently, a ten-year task christened “Beyond the Return: A 10 years of African Renaissance” is being applied by the Authorities. "It aimed to promote nice and respect for the diversity of the legacy, culture, and contributions of individuals of African descent to the development of societies, as well as deepen that bond through travel and leisure and trade. inch

Dr Bawumia established the commitment of the federal government of Ghana towards objectives of strengthening and promoting ties with Afro-descendants. "I reaffirm Ghana’s commitment to champ the objectives of the International 10 years of individuals of Africa Descent as imagined by the EL General Assembly. Actually at the AU level, these issues will continue to be emphasized and with the emergency it deserves. inch "On a personal level, I stay available to lead my quota by all means and I assure the support of authorities and the support of the testers of Ghana about this journey". The Higher Level Forum was graced by the Vp of Bahía Rica, Epsy Campbell Barr. Also present was Doctor Natalia Kanem, Un Under-Secretary-General & Executive Movie director of the USA Nations Population Account (UNFPA)

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