45 Individuals Nominated Regarding Maiden Ghana TOP DOG Vision And Prizes Project


A total of 40 individuals have been elevated to your shortlist for the first edition of the Ghana CEO (CEO) Vision and Prizes Project which is scheduled for Apr 29, 2022, at the Kempiski Rare metal Coast Hotel in Accra. The candidates were shortlisted out there of the 113 people who had already been considered for the awards. The task which is a novelty, the first of its kind and a never seen before event entails a documented film on top CEOs, magazine features and awards. The particular project seeks to recognize and prize leadership excellence across all industry and business sectors in Ghana while remembering achievement, innovation and leadership brilliance within the business atmosphere of Ghana.

This is also directed at providing the biggest and covets platforms for Entrepreneurs who may have used the power of suggestions to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, country. Project Lead at the Ghana TOP DOG Vision and Prizes Project, Mr Latif Abubakar said the Project also attempts to provide a thriving platform for CEOs to be linked, stay relevant, stay ahead of the game also to be celebrated while creating opportunities and remembering visionaries. "The Ghana CEO Vision will pitch Ghana and its various business sectors to the world, document and promote modern achievements chalked up by CEOs and enjoy individuals who have transformed lives and country, inch he said.

Mr Abubakar said the Leader, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo got been chosen as the keynote presenter to lead the project because of his role as the CEO of the country. "The President doubles because the CEO of our country, and it just sits right that you have most person business lead this type of task than the TOP DOG of CEOs, inch he said. Talking about the awards the as a standard of excellence, he or she said the standards for seperate management performance would be based on some key performance indications (KPIs) that establish the criteria of excellence.

"Key among the standards would be innovation, durability, corporate social duty, job creation and profits, " he or she noted. Inspired “Leadership worth remembering, ” the Ghana CEO Vision has been divided into three platforms which include a documented film production, prizes and dinner, and the Ghana TOP DOG Magazine.

Several of the prize categories that assure to be the toast of the night will be the prizes for CEO of CEOs, Female of the Year and Entrepreneur of the season. Explaining details of the CEO Perspective, Project Lead at the Ghana TOP DOG Vision, Mr Latif Abubakar said the Ghana CEO Perspective seeks to provide a thriving system for CEOs to be connected, stay relevant, stay ahead of the game also to be celebrated while creating opportunities and celebrating visionaries. "The Ghana CEO Perspective will pitch Ghana and its various business sectors to the world, file and promote modern successes chalked upwards by CEOs and celebrate individuals who have altered lives and country, " he said.

Mister Abubakar said, the CEO vision task would have a 15-minute episodic documented film of the CEOs. These Entrepreneurs will be top CEOs from each industry in the country would you disentangle their innovations, perspective and experience that made them worthy of an prize from the  Ghana CEO Awards.

The awards service would provide a platform to enjoy CEOs who may have altered lives and enjoyed considerable role in the growth and development of their business sector. Included in measures to link investors across the globe to Ghana, the TOP DOG magazine would file investment opportunities in the nation and CEOs pitch of their particular industries and companies.

The magazine would be strategically put in any way Ghana diplomatic missions abroad and all diplomatic quests in Ghana, business missions throughout the world and also distributed around relevant stakeholders. The particular Ghana CEO Perspective and Awards Task is being prepared by Globe Shows together with the Ghana CEO. Com, the Ministry info, and Ministry of International Affairs and local Integration with support from the Start of Directors Ghana.

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