Would not Touch Our Incomes – Agnes Naa Momo Lartey Notifies


A MEMBER of the Minority caucus in Parliament, Agnes Naa Momo Lartey, is objecting to salary cuts for Members of Legislative house (MPs) in the wake of methods by the federal to trim spending amid a global monetary crisis. In accordance with her, the move would impinge troubles pockets since NDC MPs, unlike their Majority counterparts who obtain pecuniary advantages from their subscriptions on boards of state corporations and agencies, have almost nothing in addition to their incomes. The other day, the federal announced measures to save 50million cedis mainly through a public sector salary cut targeting it is appointees, to lower its deficit and address the actual monetary challenges facing the country.

Among the list is a 50 per dime reduction of petrol allocation coupons for all government appointees, including heads of presidency institutions, and State Owned Companies (SOEs) starting September 1, 2022. This kind of, Finance Minister, Ashton kutcher Ofori-Atta said, would ensure efficient use of one's resources and save the country about GH¢50million annually. Government in addition has imposed a complete moratorium on the getting imported vehicles for the remainder of the calendar year and influences all new orders, especially four-wheel drives.

He / she explained that the moratorium on the purchase of brought in vehicles is expected to reduce, by at least 60 per cent, the complete vehicle purchases by the public market. But speaking on Accra FM previous Thursday, the NDC MP for Krowor in the Increased Accra Region said the government could go ahead to cut upon the salaries of The greater part MPs but not Fraction lawmakers. “We can not use our miniscule salaries to compliment your profligate expenditures, ” she asserted.

“How does this govt expect us to make use of our already-delayed incomes to support their lavish expenditures? ” she quizzed. Naa Lartey said NDC MPs would not accept any pay cut before the govt stops its ‘undue expenditure’ and records for funds it got in the name of COVID-19. “If the govt cares to know, we are using our meagre regular monthly delayed salaries to be effective in our various constituencies and see to the wants of our constituents, ” she noted. On her behalf, members of many caucus can go ahead to recognize a pay minimize since they take advantage of the largesse. Ms. Lartey said she would not believe any such savings from pay cuts would deliver benefit for the country, as the government would not use funds after much thought..

In this view, no-one dares to impose a decision like that on the Minority considering that the government has the penchant for profligacy, she stated.

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