We challenged the 2020 presidential election to test the legal rights of the Center for National Dialogue - Mahama

 Former President John Dramani Mahama said he has filed a 2020 presidential petition to the Supreme Court to calm the political climate in which he is accused of avoiding electoral violence in the 2020 presidential election. He said the petition was intended to test the legal rights of the opposition National Democratic Party. It was very loud and some people took to the streets. There was a threat of violence and we didn't want to go that route, so it's a good idea to use what the Constitution has given us. "After filing a lawsuit, we realized everyone calmed down, and of course we got a 7-0 score for every issue we raised," he said. Mahama said this during a speech to the US branch of the NDC at Bentley University on Sunday [March 27, 2022].

Mr Mahama cited the implementation of the 2020 elections and said there were many anomalies in the elections that affected the outcome He said it angered NDC supporters. "We've all held elections for and on the press. All political parties are supposed to send agents to the press. From the moment they start printing to the end, I'm there. Count the number of ballots that must be printed when exhausted. We all see the numbers and everything, and when we're happy, all the reps are happy to sign the certificate of completion and match the numbers we want to print.

Mahama said this is what happened to the printing house and all the agents who left after the ballots were printed. But he said an NDC agent had to come back to get his laptop bag to see "millions" of ballots printed.  "When he asked why they printed extra ballots, they said EK had asked them to print them. In desperation, he said he would do so if there was a second round. But seven people would not go to the second round. Second round ballots are only valid for two people, the first two. No adequate explanation has been given as to why these cards were printed. 

He said, “Later, some people were seen carrying the cards and we reported it to the police. So far, no one has been charged or prosecuted for bringing these extra cards. " "These are those who were in the elections, and we thought the choice was not free, and we thought we went to the Supreme Court, so we tested our legal rights and calms the atmosphere."

Mahama decided to go to the Supreme Court to solve the problem, and decided to rely on the provisions of the Constitution in 1992. Seven member plates of the Supreme Court shared the petition on March 4, 2021 with exclusive gaming decisions, and Mahama said the merit was afraid of merit. Mahama claimed that the judicial system is manipulated by the political authority and thus the judicial reform was required. He said the NDC party has problems with the judiciary and urgently needs legal reforms. “We would like to inform you that there is a problem with the judiciary. I think there should be an internal reform. The Chief Justice or someone in charge must implement the reforms.

“Most governing bodies are politicized. I gave the example of the judiciary. In Ghana alone, the Supreme Court has ruled that birth certificates do not prove citizenship.” “There are a lot of these strange decisions being made. I remember my fellow professor Raymond Atogoba once said that because of his research, judges tend to rule in favor of the party or leader they appoint. According to him, A.D. Otloba became angered from the judiciary ", but if you remove it from what's happening today and look at it and see who is called, you will find that there is a special truth in research, "Our only constitution gives the security of land to judges. After naming, you can not cancel That's what our judges should do. "You have to do it," said Mr. Mahama.

In October last year, the former president said the ruling for the 2020 elections had already been decided by the Supreme Court before the case was dismissed. He said it in an interview as part of his "Thank You" tour in the central Cape FM <$> area of ​​Cape Coast. Following the Supreme Court ruling on the voting rights of vice presidents, Mr. Mahama again criticized the Supreme Court's decision to allow vice presidents to vote during their presidency. He described the court ruling as "shocking but surprising" and said it set a dangerous precedent for the country's parliamentary trial. He said the decision was "an unfortunate interpretation for convenience reasons that sets a dangerous precedent for judicial interference in future parliamentary proceedings".

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