President Akufo-Addo added that investment in housing and transportation is designed to maximize the interests of police and national security agencies. The President, who announced before the National Assembly (SUNA) yesterday, stressed for the first time that the government is carrying out radical reforms in the legal framework of the judiciary.

Declares: 100 courts have been allocated to judges and their places of residence, of which 50 are semi-finished. It will be sent to court soon. He also said that 22 new buildings are currently being built in Danyam, Kumasi to solve the housing problems faced by the Ministry of Justice for the residents of the northern region. Once again, the President revealed that a 12-storey legal office of 10 floors above ground and two floors underground is under construction for the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Ministry of Justice. It should be completed by the end of this year.

"The Senators, Information Act, Witness Protection Act, Crime Correction Act, and other laws governing the rule of law have improved the nation's ability to fight corruption," the president said. "We now have a new expert lawyer who has all the necessary funds to do its work." The President said the first phase of military deployment, called on the draft barracks, began working on all military rules throughout the country. He also said that the military academy was extended and renewed to improve the military academy. "Different contributions have been made to improve military base, its maritime and sensitize their military base and improve their capacity. We have made a modern army with a large number of workers to meet the twenty-first needs." And after police

The President also said the government can provide the necessary modern equipment for the aid, adding that the government is always responsive to the need for aid. “We are building 320 police training units and construction is in full swing. We are still working on the renovation of a large building in Kwabenya to replace the adjacent 37-year-old DVLA with unoccupied residents," he said.

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