Stability in War Ukraine / Post-Corona Crisis - ADB Perfect Time - EKUMFI Import Status

The product crisis caused by the Corona crisis and the Russian Ukrainian war does not seem to end on the horizon. This is especially true for the food sector, which was tightened by increasing fertilizer prices, high fuel prices, bird flu and bird flu in some countries. There were many free positions in shops and increase prices.

It is very early for AFDB, intentionally the main support of the Ghanaian food industry, especially in the food and drink sector, deliberately eliminated. Support has enabled customers like EKUMFI to improve their operations to meet local needs and exports. The immediate benefits of this decision are significant in terms of foreign exchange exports and job creation for youth and women ⁹

ADB "Make Money Where Your Mouth Is" - Agriculture and Other Techniques to Stay Healthy. If Ghana wants to do anything to discuss currency security, its support must be followed. Global turmoil is creating global demand for food, and Ghana appears to have an impact on subtitled publicity and global economy creation.

Sea-Freight Pineapple Exporters (SPEG) estimates that the completion of 30,000 pineapple fields in Ghana could generate annual sales of over $1.4 billion with an investment of less than $180 million. Ghana in need of smart solutions for various smart industries

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