Minority Appeals for Emergency Reconstruction of La General Hospital


Kwabena Minta Akand, Senior Member of Parliamentary Health Committee, ensured the reconstruction of La General Hospital in La Dadekotopon City and of the people of La and its surroundings. I appealed to the government to meet my health needs. .. The hospital, which is in dire straits and was demolished in March 2020 to give way to a new hospital, has not yet taken off two years later. Akand, who is also a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Juaboso in the northern western region of , is accompanied by La Dadekotopon's NDC member, Rita Naa Odley speaking to journalists after Sowa, and the old hospital is new. It was demolished to build a hospital. At the time of the visit to , some construction workers were seen on the site, which were soiled with rocks and sand, but the actual construction  was still pending. 

 Loan Covenant 

  Akandoh told journalists that Congress has approved a € 68 million loan  for the project, so there is no problem raising funds. He explained that if there was a problem with the funds approved by Congress, the government could reach a new agreement to approve it  for the reconstruction of the hospital. He said that after the start of construction, the contractor was ready to start rehabilitation of the project and  wondered why the project was not started two years after the start of construction. 


 He has exercised detention on the residents of La, who are the direct beneficiaries of the project, and  patiently waited for the project to proceed and complete, making it available to them. Thank you. Therefore, he urged the President to intervene to ensure that the project got off to a good start, as La people's patience  for the project was tested for a long time and they needed to see the project. On her side, La DadeKotopon MP  Ms Sowah said the demolished old La General Hospital wasn't as bad  as  people  believe. "Therefore, I urge the President to respond promptly to calls from the La people  and to ensure that the project is realized as promised, as  further delays in the implementation of the project endanger the health of the people. I request, "she said. 


 Some locals in red and black dresses with red knots complained about the delay in the project and with senior members to ensure that the president intervened in the reconstruction of the hospital. I joined the voice of the member. According to locals who spoke to  Daily Graphic, the hospital was a referral facility that provided medical care to  people inside and outside the area  until it was demolished two years ago. Lansford Nee Odoi Yemo, a resident of  La, has a daily graphic with old blocks that weren't in  bad condition, as well as other new facilities attached to  old blocks that provide medical care to people. Said. "We had a morgue in an old demolition facility, but now we have to carry the bodies of our relatives far away for storage," he explained.

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