Let's create a challenge together: the president brings people together

 President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo called on all Ghanaians to "work together and move forward" to overcome the country's economic problems. "There are many obstacles we have to overcome to get back to where we are. We need your support. No president, no parliament, no government can do this alone. We want all Ghanaians to unite." "The road to recovery from the financial crisis has been long and difficult, but it needs everyone's support," he said. President Akofo-Addo calls in Accra on March 30, 2022, when he sends a message to the National Assembly about the situation in the country.

He said that the government accepted the challenge and took tough decisions to save the country. For us. Membership in the Ghana Institute of Technology is now strong. " Chairman Akofo Ado emphasized the will to help each other and the spirit of coexistence in the midst of COVID-19, and expressed confidence in the lyricists who will create the future they want. "We see each other. We see new markets and developments in Ghana. I have seen our company develop its own disinfectant products quickly and hairdressers change their facial expressions quickly. Fashion products are changing.

President Lee entered the national convention at 10:10 pm wearing a white suit and tie. Kingsford President Albana Sumana Begbin welcomed it with a majority and minority in the House of Representatives and spoke in the Senate. The majority of the speaker's comments were regularly discussed and approved, and the minority who left the room the day before were happy to watch it. This year's event is remembered as one of the most memorable historical events that President Akofo-Ado often addresses with happy birthday songs. The president celebrated his birthday last Tuesday.

 Some members of the diplomatic corps of the sauna. Photo by Samuel Tai Adano. President Akofo Ado said government efforts to save lives by preventing Covid-19 were better than experts had hoped, but with quarantine, borders, job closures and unforeseen expenses combined, had a huge impact on the economy. Unexpected costs provide additional support for 58,191 doctors and forefront medical staff.

He explained that the government adopted 1.9 billion GHs to ensure that students and teachers have been able to keep in school safe. He continued to lose weight, electricity and electricity and water with government expiration when the government needs two electricity. "All data files are $ 1777.77 billion (GDP) (GDP) (GDP). When he had an important company and was established in the world in the world, he talked about the success of the company. "Prohibited accounts and countries that do not have the law can freely support this connection." "He said.

The Covid-19e industry is no better than Russia's terrorist Ukraine, which is launching a global offensive. The struggle of Ukraine and Russia. He said the outcome of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has increased the cost of living at gas stations and gas stations. He explained that 30 percent of the grain and chemical fertilizers are exported from Russia to India, 60 percent of iron ingots and other steel plates are exported from Ukraine and about 20 percent of manganese to India. Ukraine. "Bombs can come all over the world, but have three pockets of Ghana, but unlike many other areas of the world, ensure that our petroleum products are not interrupted Succeeded. "

Red-President Red-President has repeated measures announced by the Minister of Finance, which deals with the economic, financial and development issues in front of the country. "This decision announced by the Minister of Finance indicates that we know that we go in a tough period. "Under this back, measures are effective safety belt support for board members." pressure. The President did not address the state of national instability, but admitted it at the beginning of his speech.

"I know there is a crisis in our country right now, from the government presidency to the jealousy of fathers, fathers and grandfathers," he said. He said he knows that the tension is linked to the economy, the cost of living, the level of income, youth employment and issues that everyone thinks can reach universities in agreement. "Unsurprisingly, government security concerns have exacerbated tensions in the country as some of us question the reality of nation building," he said. - To announce. The president said the country was shut down two years ago and we are in the middle of an unknown world, and the epidemic will take some time for its name to become an epidemic and, in fact, no one knows. ..

The president of Arc Food said that 'excessive pain' appeared at the beginning of treatment in 111 hospitals along with all major construction projects, and advised to build various hospitals across the country. He explained that finding a suitable place across the country was more than necessary. “We can now say that a lot of planning has been done and work has started on 87 of the 111 sites. We understand that preparatory work is still in progress at 24 sites.

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