How to Choose a Car Insurance Company

 How to Choose a Car Insurance Company 


There are many factors to consider when choosing a car insurance company, from the company`s overall customer service reputation to its rates and more. Find a car insurance company that meets your needs and get enough coverage for an affordable rate by following these tips. 

1. Assess current needs and economic conditions 

 First, look at your car model and age related to your own financial situation and your state's minimum car insurance requirements. Consider how satisfied you are with your coverage, how it affects your budget, and whether you need more coverage to protect you and your assets. 

 “Insurance is an essential financial service, but sales are done in  a truly opaque way for consumers,” said Birny Birnbaum,  executive director and insurance expert at the Center for Economic Justice. “We need to be clear about which insurance we are buying,” says Birnbaum. 

2. Survey of car insurance companies 

 Spend your time researching car insurance  online. Read the reviews to see what types of coverage options each company offers. As a starting point, you can ask your friends and family for advice. Or if you already have homeowners or life insurance with a specific company, you could look into bundling that policy with an auto insurance policy for a discount. “Ask if there`s anything that this particular insurance company is providing that most insurers are not providing, or if they`re not providing something that most other insurers are providing,” says Birnbaum. “You want to ask if they`re an outlier — in a good or bad way.” 

 3. Compare Car Quotes 

 Narrow your choices and make a list of your top three insurance companies. Get auto insurance quotes from those companies and compare them. Car insurance quotes are available online using comparison tools, directly from the insurance company's website, or by calling an agency. When making comparisons, pay attention not only to the price, but also to the coverage available at  each insurer, and consider additional benefits such as roadside assistance and accident forgiveness. 

4. Ask important questions 

 When dealing with  insurance agents, ask them what factors have the greatest impact on your rates. “Ask me what information I use to assess my risk and how  I make sure the information I use is correct,” says Birnbaum. For example, some companies take credit ratings or education levels into account to create automated offers. Also, ask about the discounts that apply to you.

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