How to buy other cryptocurrencies


How to buy other cryptocurrencies 

 When you buy other cryptocurrencies, you need to follow the same procedure as when you buy Bitcoin. However, if you want to invest in crypto as a long-term value store, keep in mind that investment experts recommend using the two largest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can buy Ethereum  on many of the same exchanges and platforms as 

 Bitcoin. If you are looking for a very specific altcoin (experts generally do not recommend investing), you may need to factor it into the exchange of your choice. Some major exchanges have over 50 different coins, but some platforms offer only a few altcoins (for example, Venmo offers only  four different cryptocurrencies to choose from). Whether you  add Bitcoin or Altcoin to your 

 portfolio, always make sure you are satisfied with the risk of investing in such  speculative assets in the first place. Do not invest more than you can lose without investing at the expense of  other financial goals.

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