Here are some ways DWI or DUI can affect your car insurance


Here are some ways  DWI or DUI can affect your car insurance: 

 Your Fees May Go Up 

 If you have these three letters on your driver's license, the insurance company is likely to classify you as a high risk driver and your car insurance premium Can go up significantly. The 

 premium increase is affected by the insurance company and location, but expect to pay at least hundreds of dollars more than usual."We want a rating system that not only encourages consumers to drive safely and avoid dangerous behavior, but also provides a clear price signal for investing safely." Birnbaum says. 

 Your insurance company may drop you 

 Your insurance company cannot cancel your insurance policy at any time, but it's a different story when it's time to renew your insurance policy. If you are charged with drunk driving or drunk driving, the insurance company may refuse to keep you as a customer when your current insurance policy expires, according to the Insurance Information Association. Next, you need to find another car insurance company that is willing to insure the file for drunk driving, but the price can go up regardless of who offers the car insurance. 

You may need to submit a SR22, FR44, or FR19 

 After a serious traffic violation such as drunk driving or drunk driving, the state may be required to submit certain forms before returning to  the road. For example, Forms SR22, FR44, and FR19  prove to the State Department of Transportation that you have sufficient car insurance to drive safely. These forms are primarily intended for high-risk drivers and are typically submitted by an insurance company or agency. 

 You may have higher premiums for some time 

 Depending on your area and insurance company, insurance premiums may be higher for several years. In some states,  as long as drunk driving or drunk driving remains in the driving record, insurance premiums will remain inflated. Check 

 state law to see how long a DUI can stay on your driver's license and contact your insurance company for  a driver's license tracking period. DUI usually erases your driver's license after 5 years, but it can be longer, and in some cases 10 years or more. Certain states like Texas and Oregon will keep it on your record forever. However, as long as you practice drunk driving or safe driving in the years following drunk driving, you will eventually find that the price will drop again. "Your premiums should not only be fair, but also give consumers an incentive to drive safely," says Birnbaum.

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