Ghanaian sensational silky voice and songbird, Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda better recognized in show business as Mzvee has indicated her terrible experience since her exit from Lynx entertainment label as she stated in a current interview session she had with the media personality that she has been able to show her critics who always wishes her failing and think she is not going to make it after her quitting from Lynx Entertainment wrong.

The memorable date this incident transpired was on the 11th of September, 2019, that the singer and songwriter MzVee publicly asserted her segregation from the Lynx Entertainment record label after being an artist for the label for good eight years which she unfolded considerable good hits.

After distancing herself from Lynx entertainment label, her previous record label, a lot thought she couldn't be able to return into the entertainment industry, and even if she does, her recovery will be weak. One of those who thought so is blogger George Britton.

However, in an exclusive interview with Amasaman Krakye, MzVee said her success after leaving Lynx has proven her critics wrong and that success is a gradual process.

Here is what she actually said, Oh, I’ve absolutely proven my detractors wrong, I mean, people have to learn to be patient. I parted Lynx entertainment label and you want me to do what in a year, so everything is a slow process and I’m a really patient person.

I knew this day would transpire and people would notice how much work I put into my art, so I wasn’t afraid at all at the initial, she expanded on Kastle FM.

In addition to the media personnel and MzVee's manager George Britton, MzVee’s bounce back into the music space was barely soft which has been a reason why many Ghanaian haven't been supportive to her.  The actual assertion and reports from MzVee has been elaborated below;

MzVee reported that she always felt bad anytime she realized that people are using certain tharsh words on her, But she indicated that wasn’t scaring her at all since many of the thoughts were of positive kinds, so She only focused on that positive thoughts and kept performing what she had to do, she asserted.

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