Central Regional Communication Officer Has Been Suspended For The Alleged Brohaha By The New Democratic Congress (NDC). Mr Dawood the central regional communication officer for the NDC political party has been pointed towards a hearsay incest and abortion transpired between him and his own daughter.

The Central Regional Secretary for the New Democratic Congress (NDC) party, Mr. Quansah, during a conversation with the media house in Assin-Fosu in the central region asserted that the retaining of the alleged communicator for the party in the central region is true. The misconduct of the communicator has been describe inappropriate and a shade to the party as well.

The Regional secretary asserted that the punishment to Mr Dawood per his misconduct by suspending him wasn't anything from him per sey but rather something that has been outlined by the New Democratic Congress Party's Constitution which ultimately prescribed what needed to be done in the light of the misconduct and anti-party behaviour of the Central Regional Communication Officer, Mr Dawood.

Right now, the party desires to ink it in the Party's record as Mr Dawood is now not acting as the Regional Communications Officer thus his position in the party has been withhold until details information proves him otherwise, and he also categorically stated clearly that the New Democratic Congress NDC couldn't just behave and remain unconcerned with respect to the issue popping up.

The Regional secretary, Mr Kojo Quansah asserted that the arrangements to withhold the position of Mr Dawood was critically studied and after a detailed scrutinization thoughts gathered by the Ghana Police Service, the young lad! and her mother, declared that the police service needs to imply urgent and immediate action to get things in the right direction.

Mr Quansah stated as he declared that the top-notch political party in Ghana, the NDC has massively ashamed about the hearsay action and also displayed a powerful disaster in the Party's readiness to respond to, protect the party without any form of favoritism.

The New Democratic Congress NDC Party is however speechless about the inappropriate behavior of Mr Dawood, the regional communication officer for the party since the misconduct turns to pour hues on the party and how can a whole communication officer engage in such immoral activity.

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