Another Woman Arrested And Detained For Alleged Thefts. The young lady, who has be claiming for giving birth recently which the child is two-month-old baby, has been arrested and detained in the police custody for alleged child theft  and thorough scrutinization has been udertaken to fish out more details.

Her arrest was transpired right her inability to clearly provide the necessary information and account details about the baby which happened at  Jinnah Avenue clinic in South C and this lead to her arrest.

The self claimed two months mother, Everlyne Muhonja Asuva was caught early evening of October 5, 2021 by Akila police  department officers following a hint provided by a nurse who works at the clinic where she had toured as she tried returning home with the baby.

In beginning probing, the police department realized that the woman had been with the two months old child for close to three months now and the moment she was given a thorough probing,  she asserted that the newly born baby girl had been shawn within Mathare’s neighborhood although she decided not to attend and alert any police station about the matter.

She further claimed that some women, who found the baby abandoned, were the ones who handed the baby to her. The investigating officer Moses Sakwa told the court that they are still digging into the matter and above all is to be able to trace the real parents of the baby.

“The responded is helping us with crucial information to get to the bottom of it and also capture the other ladies mentioned by the suspect and hopefully getting to know the parents of the baby,” the investigative officer Moses Sakwa said in an affidavit.

“It is, therefore, with the interest of justice, well being of the child and within the discretion of this court to grant me 1️0 days as in order to complete probe,” he added. The court in its own activities has given out the prescribed means indicated.

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