Unbelievable Moment Ghanaian Ace Film Maker 'K0hwe' Storms Online With These Photos Will Sh0ck You - Check Out More. Another emerging issue about how helpless your Ghanaian people celebrities become during their aged days is so petty. This bounce back to solidify the statement that Ghanaians cannot appreciate the legends in our various fields.

The recent status of sensational Ace Ghanaian filmmaker, Mr. Kofi Laing, widely identified by netizens as K0whe is very petty and unbearable. Some of the photographs of the actor trending in every corner of the internet suggest that the old man is suffering and this has yielded a result on Ghanaians as they shed tears due to the poor living state of the actor which entirely resulted from poor insurance system for these people. The populace have attend to the man to do him favor.

The recent post buzzing around social media suggests that K0hwe from the scenes of the photographs could be seen resting on the laps of the guy who brought the photographs out to seek support for him in an area which suggests he is taking health measures. His appearance also suggests he has been illing for some time

We all agree that Kowh3 being the legend actor has massively grown, it can however clearly be seen that he has no one to support him in all areas of life thus being it financially, emotionally, and physically as well. He needs public support so that he can also survive this time. If we could all recall, the sensational actor, K0hwe has once ago clarified to the public that he needed support for him to survive but Ghanaians also turns their back to him.

K0whe narrated during a conversation which occurs in between himself and his industrial friends who had visited him that many of the aged celebrities had suffered due to massive poverty which eventually k!ll. He also indicated during the time that they were into acting, it wasn't so beneficial as compared to what is happening today, and the most worrying portion of his story is that the producers that they have worked for some time ago also never mind them.

The actor, K0whe also asked humbly and urgently for help and assistance from various individuals to support him as he is still kicking since anything else people will be doing after he is gone can never and ever resurrect him. So if you want to offer him something kindly do whilst he has life.

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