Government Agrees To Distribute More Laptops For Teachers To Enhance Teaching And Learning. 

The vice president o the republic of Ghana, Dr Bawumiapopularly recognized as digital man , has responded to the concernes of the various teacher's unions as they appealed for government to help them and teachers in the country for that matter by offering them some digital tools for teaching, laptops. The vice president has in a awesome ceremony presented about 350,000 and more laptops with reference to the agenda of making teaching more computerized. 

This amazing agenda which is absolutely to ensure that the government is in the pipeline for fulfilling his promises to make teaching more advanced by supplying teachers in Ghana with the needed computing tools so that the can make the future more bright and advanced in terms of education ecosystem. 

 In a beautiful program organized for a short time due to the protocols of the deadly desease at Saint Mary’s Senior High School campus in Greater Accra displayed the scenes of Dr Bawumia, accompanied by the Education Minister, Hon Dr Osei Adutwum,  the Director General of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Prof Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, and the various leaders and executives of teacher's unions (Ghana National Association of Teachers National Graduate Association of Teachers, and Association of Concern Teachers), gave out to the individual teachers the first batch of the notified laptops, known 'Teachers Mate 1' in the senior high school.

“Advanced and professional facilitating and learning is the crucial ingredient to ensure development of human readiness for work, communication and collaboration, Innovation and creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, personal development and leadership are the required tools to promote human capacity building. 

Teachers are however inevitable in the process since they serve as main pillars to this needed for these capacity building. This actions was once again initiated, in teaming up with the various Teacher's Unions, so that the ideologies and goals of the Ghana Education Service (GES) of creating a welcoming, conducive atmosphere to enable facilitating becomes as  effective as possible in teaching and learning” can come into reality. The vice president Dr Bawumia asserted.

In this agenda of making teaching more interesting, Government has decided to give out to every single teacher in the country, from Creche, Kindergarten (KG) through to the Senior High School (SHS), with a unique laptops already loaded with much more interesting educational materials in the form of apps and also with an access to an E-Library filled with more desired books approved by the Ghana Education Service across all subjects and topics. 

The interesting part is that the laptops can still be used even when offline to access any information needed.  The various applications which are already installed on the laptops can be infered for more information while being online or offline, 

The State and for that matter the government is taking up 70% of the total cost of each single laptop, while the teacher being the user of the laptop will be taking care for the rest 30% of the cost. The laptop, and in doing so, the laptops are not owned by the state or the government but rather on the contrary becomes the sole assert of the teacher and it is to ensure that benefits driving from the use of the laptops contributes immensely by serving as a way for growing the teacher’s professional skills, and personal capacity.

The the act of introducing laptops into our teaching, we gradually moves from the indigenous way of teaching to computer-based facilitating and learning which obviously have numerous positive impartation on both the facilitators and learners, per some authorities in the education ecosystem.

 Since all the curriculum materials which would be needed for effective learning have been loaded already onto the laptops, these includes but not limited to the teachers professional code of conduct, the standard learning resources coooked by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) so that the great burden of  writing lesson notes always can be skipped.

The laptops have been also noticed to ensure easy way to promote learner's assessment. The entering of School -Based Assessment, Class - Based Assessment, terminal report cards, cumulative records, and the written up of every single students’  portfolios which was quite difficult sometimes to always keep updated. And with the help of these preloaded laptops, things are easy to move with.

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