We we've taken upon ourselves to bring to our cherish visitors and the populace at large about the current trending issues piping out in the country which ultimately demands the concerns of  the citizens  The leaders of Fr3h0 Traditional Council has finally brought out a massive concerns which is in line with the urgent sacking of the District Chief Executive (DCE) due to his poor infrastructural development in the area. And also inappropriate allocation of funds to develop the area.

The Paramount Chief of town, Nana Owusu Brempong III (The third), has also expressed his concerns about the bad status of rails and roads connecting town to town in the area. And as a result of this deplorable status of the roads have rendered to poor socio-economic growth in the area. This has also affected the transportation of foods stuff from the various farms to the market. Many vegetables spoiled and got wasted due to the inability to transport them to the market and sell.

The Chief again expressed his disappointment and unhappiness in the District Chief Executive, Yaw Danso, about his failure to fulfill his promises to develop major roads in the district capital Asiwa, after netizens casted massive votes for him to win the position. In fact it is quite embarrassing to disappoint someone who has trusted you and given you the power as well.

The district in question, thus Bosome Freho District became a portion made from a larger district in 2004 and the mother district was Amansie East in the Asante region of Ghana. Taking into consideration how developmental infrastructural projects have been ignored in the district.

After the creation of the district, since 2004 the district is still suffering from poor road infrastructural projects which has yielded a lots of diverse results. Even as of now, there is not up to one kilometer of asphalted road that the district can boldly figure it out. Which obviously tells how this district has been starved with social amenities.

Main connecting roads within the district capital, Asiwa, are such poor and roads connecting to the district assembly are already eroded. Cars, transit, tricycle and many more are getting fault whenever the pass on the road. 

Confirmation reaching us indicates that the residents of the area were given massive promises by the current government during the time they were looking for power, they told them that going to be fixed as soon as they are elected to the office.

In an interview, the Chief and his elders in the traditional council in the area expressed their  unhappiness in reference to the role and provision of the District Chief Executive for such a deceitful thing. They also called for individual intervention for the provision of good road infrastructure.

Nana Brempong, the Paramount Chief of the area expresses his disappointment how the District Chief Executive is performing and however calling the government to intervene as he reinstate the District Chief Executive.

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