The supposed 2024 falgbearer for New Democratic Congress (NDC) who's also the former President of the country Ghana, John Mahama which is also shorten as JM as brought about new controversial petition as he has decided to embark on a nationwide tour all in the name of expressing his gratitude to Ghanaians who casted their votes  for him during the 2020 presidential election.

 Although, this has been stated in his announcement report and yet people are saying he's not certainly thanking anyone but rather has begun his 2024 campaign to win the election. The tour to the towns across nationwide has been divided into 16 phases which the first division is to come off soon as we gonna announce to you guys.

The first phase during his surprise visit in the Thank You Tour would captured the 2024 presidential aspirant John Dramani Mahama (JDM) in the below regions in the Northern region and these areas are North East, Upper East, Northern Savannah and Upper West Regions basically his hometown. Means he's starting from his hometown.

During the thank you visit to various towns, John Mahama the 2024  Presidential aspirant will meeting with the Paramount Chiefs and Queens of the lands, the traditional councils, religious leaders, assembly members to the various districts and the district Chief Executive, fans of the New Democratic Congress, the present media and the inhabitants of the area.

An assertion made by John Dramani Mahama on his social media platforms indicated this thank you visit is not an initiative from him alone but also from the entire executives of the New Democratic Congress party at large.

The thank you visit as already stated above will be commenced from the Northern part of the province and for that matter has scheduled it starting right from Upper East Regional capital, Bolgatanga, move on to Walewale in the North East Region, and then to Tamale in the Northern Region. This is how the locations for the first trip will be.

John Dramani Mahama (JDM) flag bearer and aspirant for 2024 Presidential member for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), commence a tour to the 16 regions divisions of Ghana in relation to the 2020 general election as he shows his gratitude to the voters even though couldn't win up the presidential seat.

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