There Is indeed Hardship in the Country Considering. Bro Sammy's Appearance Now - Netizens Blasts Brother Sammy. Another emerging issue getting everyone talking is about new pictures and photos of Ghanaian prolific Gospel musician, Brother Sammy after dying his bears with stunning color. 

Ghanains have indeed descends heavily on the musician as he posted videos and pictures of himself endorsing a scheduled beach program. According to the multiple comments from the followers and fans of the musician, Brother Sammy as accused for making people hold their believes in God.

This is because even those who claims to contain the power of the holy Spirit, those who claims to be the holier than none, those who claims to sing to praise God in leading worship. The act of changing your appearance to become as those who are Worldly never qualify him worthy enough for the Kingdom.

Brother Sammy after multiple posts sighted in his social media handle signify his motives in the Gospel musics industry. As others are there to impacts life through singing and praises, Brother Sammy can clearly be seen that he is in the system to fill his belly. There isn't anything so called holy Spirit on him. There's no God hands on him. If we could all recall, once ago, Brother Sammy took to his official social media page to assert that music production is now costly and he himself gained nothing from it.

This also made him to shift into the acting scenes. As he was starred one provincial series dubbed Chop Box 2 Chop Box. Now, the concerns of the media personnels, fans and buffs of Brother Sammy clarify air that he must put his selfish interest far away from the work of the Almighty God. Don't ever try to decieve God.

In fact a lot of shots were thrown to the musician following his social media activities. They however advised the musician in question through the comments slot of his Instagram page. Ghanaians at this point in the life must be extra vigilant to observe the true men of God so that they wouldn't fall a victim into any form of their tricks.

These have become new arousing issue that we all need to handle it because some of the Gospel musicians are making fun of the profession. They aren't in for anything other than how they're going to make money to feed themselves. We can however fish out some of these artists as well. 

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