Students Bitterly Called For Government Support For Good Teaching And Learning - Aburaman Senior High School in the Central Region has called for the attention of the Ghana Education Service, Ministry of Education, District Executives and government at large to come and support and also rescue them from the numerous issues facing in the school. 

From the scenes and concerns of the learners, it has become seldomly for them to get water for their various activities and have had to emphasize on a certain well off-campus thus away from the school grounds,  which mostly is not hygienic for human use.

The learners also asserted the unavailability of classroom desks for students use and have to rest on their bags, gallons, footwear,  cement concrete, walls during teaching so that they could also benefits from the teaching. Also, they don't have dormitories for which the can rest after class causing some of them to sleep in classrooms, this is so petty that the government needs to intervene. This is a needful moment all the educational stakeholders are needed most, the students asserted.

The dishes out this to Guysongz reporter Mr. Bryt as he visited the school to find out how teaching and learning have been going. The learners moreover stated that there, "dining hall (where they take their meals) is too small for all the learners to occupy and for that reason, some of the students had no option than to eat in the classroom" and sometimes they have to move in to eat in batches (first batch, second batch, and the third batch).

During an interview with the Chief of Abura Dunkwa Traditional Area, Nana Asokwa Awegyir II (the second) categorically clearly unleashes the burden over the unavailability of school infrastructure at Aburaman Senior High School, and also pleaded with the government “to come to intervene into this matter. I have come to a point that the President is doing massively well by distributing mini-buses to the various schools, but still, Aburaman SHS hasn't been given any. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was the only president who offered us one bus and has become old and in bad shape too.

Mr. Bryt checks from the campus also brought into the realization that the school projects undertaken under NDC/Mahama governments have been abandoned on the school campus and yet students are crying for desks to sit on. The government is however needs to immediately intervene in this issue.

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