Sad Moment As Delay Probes More During A Conversation Session With Promising Ghanaian songbird, Dhat Gyal. Ghananains need to intervene and help the young upcoming Musician from this s0rr0wfúl life experience. An Unbelievable Moment of Dhat Gyal, Did you know? Life miserable and struggling from due to bad friends influence, w££d has become the food plus gang r@p£ and many more - The sh0ck!ng life experience and the tail of a promising songstress, Dhat Gyal

One of the most top-notch media King Kong born Deloris Frimpon Mans0, who is also widely known in show business as Delay has dug more with respect to the whole life occurrences of Dhat Gyal, as Delay also moved extremely sensation during the conversation session with Dhat Gyal, a young Ghanaian sensational songstress. This show is dubbed 'Delay Show' which is starred on one top-notch broadcasting tv station (Adom TV).

 Information gathered from the scenes during the conversation with Dhat Gyal, Delay became so emotional as she listens to the unveil life story of singer Dhat Gyal as she also weeps massively on live TV during the show. Dhat Gyal, born and recognized as Ernestina Afari, also shared her sad life experience of how she nearly destroyed her personality due to bad friends she associated herself with.

Dhat Gyal's street life storyline had touched the hearts of many people including Aisha Modi who is planning to adopt the songstress Dhat Gyal from all these things. Considering her recent appearance now.

Information given by the singer Dhat Gyal,  her mother kicked the bucket as early when she was young and 15 years of age who didn't know anything and thus was not able to obtain any proper parental care, controls and guidance thereafter. She however associated herself with a gang of friends who successfully showed her many v!c£s which has eventually landed her in all these issues. 

Although, Ghanaians had noticed her for being gifted with musical talent, she still had issues from all these and finally made her to engaged herself in depression. Dhat Gyal's grief life experience, most of it all the area where she indicated that she lost her mother as she was at the age of 15, made Delay, the interviewer to remember her match life story of her own when she was little.

Considering her self as a role model, Deloris Frimpon Mans0 informed the singer Dhat Gyal that she also missed out her mother at the time that she was also young and made her struggled with pains so that she can pass through. The interviewer again added that it involves the grace and mercies of the most High God that has made her enduring in visionary friends and this has been able to make her become an achiever. She further advised the singer Dhat Gyal to abstain herself from all these things and determine well on her musical journey so that she can make it in life with little push she may gets. 

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