More Recommendations For The G.E.S In The Country's Education System - Sir Bryt Reports. Ghanaian youngest and finest sensational blogger and content writer who is a teacher on the field and has been recognized in the show business as Mr. Bryt as announced numerous recommendations on the education system in running up by the country Ghana following the alleged issue of Teacher Kwadwo.

The reporter, Mr. Bryt in his recommendations appeals to the government for immediate response and feedback concerning his findings. He said it's very crucial since he is right from the ground, he knows what goes into the education system at the basic level.

Although the government has been able to implement the free SHS and other things he promised to provide. From the scenes and look of things, the Ghana education at the basic level needs attention since it serves as the foundation for a proper educational system in the country.

We can't build a story building on a weak foundation, he asserted. The government however needs to put first thing first to achieve the needed results. The government needs to intervene and stop carrying resources to the higher levels. We all the country as the president announced to make the tertiary level of education free.

This entirely means that there is money in the system which could cater to the basic level. The basic level includes the kindergarten, Lower and upper primary including junior high school (jhs). If that is the case, the government with immediate response needs to shift all the money to undertake those projects to the basic level.

Now the main recommendations outlined by the teacher, Mr. Bryt are as follows;

1. The lower primary must be taught only reading and writing (the English language and inject small mathematics in it). In this way, the children in the lower primary level wouldn't be worried and burdened with too many things that turn into unnecessary. They will be however be able to read and write by the time they enter into the upper primary level.

2. The second phase of the recommendations talks about how both the upper primary and the junior high school pupils can be equipped with information communication and technology (ICT) more appropriately. The world is now heading into the digital era and we have to also assist our kids to withstand it.

These are the main recommendations outlined by Sir Bryt. We look forward to the government to analyze and study the reports carefully and come out some meaningful thoughts.

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