It Very Bad To Be Sleeping Around To Make Money As A Lady - Mona 4real Advises - In this current generation, Ghanaians have experienced numerous celebrity's lifestyles which have generated massive public stir and these attitudes have probably not been okay for some netizens of the country.

Behavior like that of socialite and actress Tracey Boakye and Hiplife sensation Mzbel; media personality Afia Schwarzenegger against Ayisha Modi, Mzbel and Nana Tornado, have been causing a lot of stir due to how dirty and extent they got.

In addition, socialite cum songstress Mona 4Reall, widely recognized in the system as Hajia 4Reall, doesn’t buy into such self disrespectful acts. Speaking the media on the issue about other celebs, she claims that bringing fights and misunderstanding whereby one throw hue at each other when their friendships go sour is childish and wished celebrities would put a stop to that since it reputes their image. 

“It is also needless for any celebrity to be on social media to write or say all sorts of things about one another because they are no more friends. You will just become a laughingstock to entertain your enemies and the fact is that those on social media are well listening to make a mockery of you without being able to provide any solution to such matter.

“Let’s all strive and keep our issues from the general public face and resolve our matters internally without anyone hearing about it. The saddest part is that I feel very ashamed when I see such things on social media,” she added.

Employing their lifestyles they display on social media, there has been a long-held assumption that most female celebrities sl££p around to make money but Mona 4Reall said she worked hard for her own money. From her assertion, it was baseless and childish for anyone to think that every successful young lady sl£pt around for her success in life.

“Some of us are trying hard to make the money we spend almost every day. I do so many other businesses that bring me a huge amount of money. Despite being an ambassador for different various products in Ghana, I have a baby care store, makeup shop, and other businesses that fetch me money. When your gúy offers you money it is okay but sl££ping around to make it is a no-no,” she said.

Considering the negative comments shot to her the at the initial stage of her music career, Mona 4Reall said she felt very bad.

“When I realized that people were saying I had bleached my skin, I nearly wept because it was not true. I marvel why anyone would say that without making any attempt to know from me” she said.

Not long ago that the music sensation, Mona 4Reall comes out with a brand new single entitled My Baby which entirely features multiple award-winning Ghanaian dancehall acts, Shatta Wale, and produced by Mix Master Garzy. In the verses on the song, which was released some few hours ago Mona 4Reall acknowledges her man for taking very good care of her.

Although she got discouraged by the critics that she is not good at singing and however will not get anywhere with her music, Mona 4Reall said she was serious about taking her craft globally and here she moves.

“All that I want is to prove my enemies wrong by making my work of craftsmanship speaks for me. For a newbie in the music scenes I was impressed that my song tagged 'Badder Than' had more than one million views on YouTube, and as if that isn't enough, my other songs such as Fine Girl and God’s Child also performed extremely well.

“I am not here to joke in the music space. I am certainly in love with my music career and I will do everything within my capabilities to succeed,” she concluded.

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