Appreciate Amerador Dissing Me, Fans Tells Obibini - Check Why. It's been a while we had the controversial dancehall artists, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy throwing shades on each other for whatsoever reasons known to them and just after that we had another set of rappers, AMG Medikal better known as El Charmano and Strongman Burner popularly recognized as Stronger dissing themselves.

Now we have another fresh and new ‘beef’ in between another sensational Ghanaian rapper Amerado and Obibini and interesting, this one has gotten fans and music lovers are enjoying and jamming to their dissing tunes, considering that it's been long for the occurrence of such beef in the entertainment industry and has made things very slow.

The musical composition beef between the two rappers has been considered a good one for both artistes’ involved since they're being able to promote their brands and we all know that brand is one of the essential ingredients every artist must work for. They have however reached out to many audiences as they are getting a lot of attention, media interviews, YouTube views, and others. 

The reports generated from sources prove that in the light of some mixed comments, the most beneficiary from the beef has been Obibini, who had been ignored by the public and had been receiving little attention in his music career since he featured Lynx entertainment artist, Kidi on Ahye Me.

Similarly, Amerado had also received massive praises from fans and followers for making Obibini enjoying another attention from the public. As some people were shouting out to Amerado for helping to resurrect his music career, Obibini debunks critics by saying those individuals are not right as far as he is also one of the Ghanaians finest rappers.

In a recent interview, Obibini stated clearly that any person who thinks and believes that Amerado is the one who revived his music career never knows what he or she is saying. Obibini being a rapper has been in existence in the entertainment industry for a long and has been doing the hardcore rap genre. And meaningless to resurrect a person with a dead career for him to win you in a rap competition, Obibini asserted.

Again, Obibini boldly tells rapper Amerado to carry it forward if only he wants to and thinks he rap better rappers than him without wasting much time cus he is set up to rap. Amerado however recently dished out only one song whiles Obibini had released three singles consecutively. Now, let the people conclude who is leading. 

One distinct thing about me is my readiness, Obibini asserted as he noticed that he is ever ready for Amerado at any time any day and for sure that is exactly what the serious rappers do, No better rapper or serious rapper afraid of any rap battle under any circumstances. Obibini asserted. He also made mention why Amerado has quit from the scenes.

All these transpired recently. That's the ‘beef’ between the rappers commence at Tim Westwood when Amerado, Kweku Flick, and Yaw Tog had the chance to christened on (Dj) disc jockey Tim Westwood’s show in the UK. Amerado allegedly threw hues to Obibini in a lyrical form which the shots didn't sit well with Obibini and made him responded to Amerado immediately on a single dubbed Deceased.

A few hours later, Amerado returns to Obibini with another one dubbed The Throne and Obibini also shot back with the single captioned Carcass followed by Anthem after successfully releasing the Carcass. 

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