Am not used to sm0k!ng so I won't apologize - Sarkodie debunks critics. African heavyweight Sensational rapper, Sarkodie has decided not to apologize for viral photographs of himself that reported sm0k!ng a cigar.

At the moment of his birthday celebration, the rapper, Sarkodie dishes out the stated photographs, which caused controversy online.

Numerous of civil society organizations (CSOs) blasted the act of the artist and deemed it inappropriate and called on him to give an apology, emphasizing that he is a celebrity and many youths look up to him whether he likes it or not and could easily influence the youth to engage in sm0k!ng.

But in striving to defend his motives for releasing photographs that depict sm0k!ng cigars, the rapper indicated that the idea was just to celebrate his prosperity in the entertainment industry as far as music is concerned.

Although he also indicated that sm0k!ng a cigar isn't a good act, The rapper, Sarkodie stressed that he wasn’t a big-time sm0k£r and however not used to sm0k!ng at all.

Speaking on one of the Ghanaian top-notch broadcasting radio stations, Hitz FM on The rapper, Sarkodie said, “first of all, let me explain things clearer, sm0k!ng is not good as I have stated earlier but if you do a small research on cigars, in entertainment, it’s for basically for celebrating success and achievements in life journey” 

He asserted, "If you come into contact with the athletes, that is what they do, they don’t sm0k£ on the usual basis but when they want to celebrate something they've acquired for themselves that is when they use it.”

Sarkodie also asserted that other people had done more things than his own but never been condemned. He again stressed that he does not know who he has to apologize to.

“But one thing that threw me off is looking forward to me to apologize which I get it; that’s our way of life. It’s very inappropriate to state that but I don’t have anyone in mind to apologize to for holding a cigar,” the rapper asserted.

He added, “There are plenty of people in the society who have done worse but I was the only person they figured out and it’s probably a good thing, I get it but they shouldn’t even look forward to my apologize since it isn't going to happen”

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