Tested And Proven Way To Get Your Phone Safe From Getting Contact With Water - Mr. Bryt Writes. There are plenty suggestive solutions on how one can get his/her mobile phone safe after mistakenly getting contacted with water and here ee serve you the most tested and proven way to handle such issue as the writer himself has experienced it.

It's in fact odd and only takes those who are willing to try it out since there is no harm in trying. The writer, Mr. Bryt first experience the same issue when he was at the college, walked in a sprinkling rain, and ended up getting his phone spoiled by the water. He had nothing to do at the moment so he was sleeping and had a dream about what to do to make his phone work again.

You might have probably read many stories and ideas on various platforms and might have given up on them. Here we bring to you the most certain way to get out from such trouble. We all know how a mobile phone means to us. It goes to the extent that you become stressed when your phone got spoiled. Remember what we are discussing today is only applicable when it comes into contact with water.

We've currently not tried diving into when it gets in contact with stew, soup, or any other liquid. We are only stressing on the issue with water. It however becomes hard for phone repairers to deal with issues like that. As I said earlier, immediately after your phone gets into contact with water, you have to open and remove the battery and chip cards in it.

As if that isn't enough, you go ahead to use a rag to dry it up to make sure there's is little to no particles of water remaining. After that, you need to apply some mag!c by placing the phone in uncooked rice. Yeah, uncooked rice, are you asking why?. It is because it takes only those who are willing to trust the process. Note, it isn't necessarily enormous bag of rice but any quantity that can cover the phone up.

In this case, you leave the phone to rest in the rice for about 20hrs to 24hrs and the result will marvel you. You can choose to believe this, but whether you believe this or otherwise, people are still benefiting from this. Since it has become a great concern for many, we thought it wise to share it with you guys.

If you found this working, kindly let us know and remember to share with others having the same issue to try it out. Thanks for your time.

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