Mr. Bryt Throw H0t Punches To Support The Educational Sermon By Revealing The Hiddens - Check Out More Details. Ghanaian finest blogger and teacher, Mr. Bryt has finally joined the forces to backed the recent suggestions underlined by Teacher Kwadwo as he highlighted in his recent song.

The sensational blogger and teacher, Mr. Bryt at first didn't want to add him speak on the trending educational issues but also thought it wise that the teachers are more closed to the ground and however experience more from such scenes than anyone else.

On the social media handle of the teacher, Mr. Bryt indicated a lot of deformities in this current education system is affecting teaching and learning in the classroom on both the part of the teachers and students. He also marked some recommendations for the government as well.

He stated clearly that there aren't any teaching and learning resources and also the government expects the teachers to used their own pocket money to supply all the materials need for a conducive atmosphere for learning.

Mr. Bryt again added that it's time to make things much better and different from the modern generation. The education system from the nursery to tertiary is poorly structured. And our future generations are being thought only irrelevant things.

And most painful aspect is that things inculcated in the curriculum to teach our children are not applicable in real-life situations. and with these, Mr. Bryt also deemed it necessary to add up his voice to it. This issue solicits in the  our schools decline the academic performance of the children.

In a recent post by Mr. Bryt, He stated clearly that what Teacher Kwadwo is doing never put a shade on anyone but trying to bring into people's minds what is happening in our schools which seems to be inappropriate. Looking at the trend, The educational authorities are more serious about the Teachers in the villages fleeing those in the cities.

Teacher Kwadwo's idea on fix the education system in the country must be excluded from political affiliation and must be seen as important because our children today are the future of the country and what if they aren't given the indispensable education.

Mr. Bryt however recommended the new single tune by Teacher Kwadwo to others to have a listen to it and also make an effort to follow his short skits to get jeopardized to the real phenomena in some of our schools which are so impoverished.

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