"Come Make I Show You Hit", Medikal Jabs Unproductive Artists. The Ghanaian entertainment industry and for that matter show business as such look promising as there is now a new emerging artist who is talented in singing. Not that the already existing who are in the industry are not performing but the kind of pressure these young artists are enticing is now showing the face of the industry internationally.

There has a lot been of beef among artists in the province of which some presume all this beef bring attention and so forth. First, what is beef itself?. To the layman's understanding, beef among musicians is about a slight misunderstanding that make them throw hue and shade at each other.

Wow... Being involved in this beef whole thing with a colleague musician can also influence your music carrier if care isn't taken. Now when we talk about to hit in the entertainment industry, as it sounds simple like that is about dropping a good and danceable tune which will catch the attention of many.

Now that we have a fair idea about hit songs, let dive into what AMG Medikal stated during an interview session with Mr Bryt. In his statement, he clearly stated that he has gotten a lot of hits so anyone who has become seldomly in achieving a hit must confront him.

This conversation didn't sit well with many as they presume the 'La Hustle' hitman is jabbing them. Showing one hit is impossible and all your hits are from your fiances, netizens replied.

As it can be seen, the Musician in question has indeed blessed with many hits some few years ago and has received numerous awards for several nominations. And this can also be deduced that he can indeed hit you after you featured him on your track.

In the interview, Medikal again asserted that getting a hit song isn't something difficult, you only need to get better coaching and good music as well. Some people are with great music but still get hit with it due to poor managerial skills. He concluded.

One advice we can also share with our dear musicians and anyone reading this post willing to become a musician someday to come is that, let the 'i can do it' spirit guide you in all your endeavors so that you don't depend on others for your success in the industry.

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