Another St£@l!ng Hits Gomoa Lome Using Tricycle Cause Stir Online - Mr. Bryt Reports. A raised son of Gomoa Lome and reporter of Guysongz has finally arrived from the scenes of cr!me£ at Gomoa Lome by some irresponsible youth using tricycle (Aboboya) to st£@l the inhabitants of Gomoa Lome.

Since he is from the town, the management saw it wise to send him to the field. And to the reporter, Mr. Bryt this is not the first time this act has happened in the town. And he made a statement indicated that his real mother is also a victim of this issue for two consecutive operations by this cr!min@ls. 

An account given by Mr. Bryt stated that there is a suspected group of people from the town who collaborate with other strangers to engage in such an act. And the saddest thing about this is that they take away nothing but animals being reared by the populace of Lome.

He said this has been one great enemy to the community since they are finding it difficult to get the people behind this in presence of the law. Netizens also complain about their missing animals which mainly include goats. The th!£v£s ideally operate in the midnight and henceforth made it difficult for netizens to catch them.

What they do is that they st£@l these animals and sell them to other parties which might probably be the chop bar operators. Ask how they manage to get these animals without any tracking. 

What they do is so unlawful as they mix some sleeping substance with food for the animals to eat in the late evening, and with this, the animals get to sleep heavily without and form if being noise in the night. These w!ck£d people don't carry the animals who have eaten and fall asleep heavily afar but k!ll them on the ground.

They then send them to their next meeting point to make them ready for selling. And this is what has been happening for more than 5 years now. And the inhabitants couldn't get these people because they operate on less expected days.

Now what emerged recently with regards to this same issue is about their unlucky day for st£@l!ng another set of animals, they are although successful but later got caught. The people who engaged in the act made it away and left their tricycle (Aboboya) and their k!ll£d animals.

The inhabitants of Gomoa Lome have now declared openly to the general public since the tricycle isn't from Lome town. However, the owner of the tricycle is expected to move toward so that anyone, in this case, can be fished out and deal with them lawfully.

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