(Watch Video) I Once Used 'For Girls' To Ch0p A Ladi - Fameye Reveals. Here's another buzzing around social media which has been received a lot of comments on social media as singer Fameye finally admitted that he has once successfully used 'for girls' on a lady during an interview session with Nana Remeo.

In the viral video, the nothing I get hitman, Fameye how the l@dy came into his house to k!$$ him after he used the 'juju' thing on her. The singer also indicated that he was however afraid to ch0p h£r. Now the underlying fact is that he initially didn't believe that thing really works.

Until he featured himself in that act. He again advised the youth to abstain themselves from such dishonest activities considering the subsequent effects this thing can cause you. The hitmaker of 'Beautiful' song, Fameye stated categorically clear that he didn't know and wanted to experience it himself.

He however interestingly told her to go home with making any attempt to go in the m00d with h£r, here is the video of the scenes that captures Fameye speaking to Nana Remeo on his past experience. Check out the video below. 

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