Shatta Wale Should Have Addressed On How Ghanaian Musicians Released Their Songs In His State Of Industry Address. Just some few days ago we sighted a flyer on social media depicting an upcoming organized virtual program to be hosted by Ghanaian sensational reggae/dancehall artist, Shatta Wale indicating his attempt to address the state of the Ghana music industry.

He however dated it on the June 2, 2021 which supposedly happened to be two days ago. In the addressing the industry, those who had the opportunity to watch, the musician really addressed the touching base in the industry and among other things.

Now, fans are seriously worrying about how Ghanaian Musicians Released their songs which have now critical rule to follow. Anyone just wake up and release his songs without considering who has released his own. In simply put, Musicians in Ghana are found to release their songs when they realize someone else has released a track.

They said it should be in a systematic order, for instance, only two musiciana can release a song in a day and if there's availability of this measure, everyone in the system could get more attention from the populace and hence promote his or her song as well.

Shatta Wale in the other hand expected to addressed this one too in his statement but failed to consider that.

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