Geovani Calip Teases Abena Korkor By Sharing A R0m@ntic With His W!f£ To Trash Her Allegations. Ghananain television presenters Geovani Calip and Abena Korkor have been throwing hues on each other over a d@ting rumor as the date rush fame of popular tv3 host, Geovani Calip always denies the rumors that he has nothing to do with Abena Korkor.

Abena Korkor on the other hand has come out to spark on the denials by Geovani Calip saying that it is better for him to tell Ghananains the truth about their relationship. 

Following Abena Korkor's statement, Geovani Calip just trashed what Abena Korkor said by sharing a lovely moment with his w!fe live TV as he k!$$ her wife.

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